1 Week Pregnant

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Brace Yourself

Many congratulations! The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you are either pregnant already or planning to conceive soon. Now, while bearing a child is wonderful news for any couple, it is a great responsibility too. Therefore, both parents should try and brace themselves for the “task”.

The sub-divisions of Pregnancy period

As you may have already heard before, given widespread awareness, a full pregnancy lasts for forty weeks in us human beings. For medicinal purposes and others, this duration has been divided into three 13-week parts, beginning from the first day of the mother’s last period. This means that during the first two weeks of pregnancy, the sperm from the Daddy and the egg from the Mommy haven’t even merged.

Just Before the Baby

Uterus prepares itself

As earlier stated, the first day of pregnancy is the first day of the last period. The lining of the uterus is shedding in preparation for the egg’s release. This means that the baby is a mere unfertilized egg at this point, on the verge of being released.

Changes inside the Mommy

The 28-day menstrual cycle

Ovulation, or the release of the egg, usually occurs halfway through a menstrual cycle. Provided that you have a 28-day menstrual cycle, the egg will get released on the 14th. At this stage, although you’re not pregnant, you need to get planning to change your lifestyle. Adopting healthy diets and regular exercise is a necessity. Pre-natal vitamin, or folic acid, which prevents any errors in the functioning of neural tube, should be taken regularly. The Mommy now needs to keep away from anything that may harm the fetus (or the “would-be baby”) which may include:

  • tobacco smoke
  • alcohol
  • unnecessary medications
  • x-ray radiations
  • Other toxic materials.

Daddy needs to?

Doing your part for the baby

If there’s one thing which both Mommy and Daddy agree on, it’s taking care for their baby’s sake. Needless to say, Daddy has to play his part. Getting adjusted to a lifestyle that will largely be influenced by your baby is a little difficult for the mother. Therefore, you need to help her by following a somewhat similar routine. Never smoke around your partner, as passive smoking by her would do harm to your baby. Avoid alcohol in the house, and follow the diet that your partner will, in order to keep her company.

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