11 Weeks Pregnant

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Critical part of the development of your baby

Days into the eleventh week, the most critical part of the development of your baby gets completed as you’re now nearing the start of the second trimester of your pregnancy. At 11 weeks pregnant, there will be rapid growth and maturation of your baby’s organs.

How’s the baby coming on?

Feet are beginning to form

By now all of your baby’s organs are fully functional, though still extremely small. Those cute little baby feet are formed but are about as big as your fingernail. This week the growth is going to be particularly rapid and your baby is going to approximately double in length to be 44-51 millimeters long. The eyelids have now fused and the iris will now begin to develop. The baby will also start growing fingernails this week.

Changes inside the Mommy

How much weight gain in the first trimester?

Your uterus will be the size of a grapefruit this week. Doctors usually recommend that you gain about 6 pounds during the first trimester. There is no hard and fast rule about it because some mothers actually lose weight during this time through being sick all the time.

Getting your appetite back

By now you will be getting your appetite back since the worst of your morning sickness has probably passed you by. Always remember that good nutrition is going to be vital for both you and your baby. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet, and consume as much protein as you can. Also give yourself rest as your body needs it. Even if you’re a working woman, taking things easy is very important now.

Daddy needs to?

Be involved in the pregnancy. Never let your partner feel that she is going through the ordeal alone. You need to

  • Keep providing her anything she may wish for
  • Buy the food she craves
  • join her for every doctor’s appointment
  • stay with her when she’s feeling sick
  • Always ask what she needs and how she feels, and what you can do to help.

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