12 Weeks Pregnant

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End of the first trimester

This week marks the end of your trimester. The good news is that the risk of miscarriage is now greatly reduced; another reason to celebrate, if you will.

How’s the baby coming on?

Baby’s toes and fingers will now get separated

The rapid growth of your baby continues who now is 90 millimeters in length and weighs about 14 grams. The brain now has a structure congruent to the one it will have upon birth. During this third month of your pregnancy, all the structures and organs of your baby’s body continue to develop, having already been given shape earlier. Bile secretion also initiates. The web between the toes and fingers about your baby diminish and eventually vanish, and hair will begin to grow on the head. The genitals begin to further take on their characteristics but it’s still impossible to distinguish the gender of your child.

Start practicing peristalsis

Peristaltic motion begins to originate within the intestinal wall muscles now. Peristalsis is the motion of the muscles lining the walls of your digestive tract that enable it to digest food. If you were to listen to your baby’s heartbeat using a Doppler you will notice a very, very fast, quite similar to the sound of a horse trotting.

Changes inside the Mommy

Fatigue and nausea

As far as pregnancy symptoms are concerned, this might turn out to be a good week for you. You will now start to feel a lot better from the earlier fatigue and nausea. The uterus will grow big enough to bulge and expand above the pubic bone. Your abdomen will now begin to expand. (The likelihood of this happening in higher if you’ve been pregnant before too.) The hormones for your baby are now being produced by the placenta.

Forward movement of the uterus

The Mother-to-be will welcome this trend of movement of the uterus as this releases the pressure on the bladder by a small margin. As a result, the frequency of urination decreases to some extent. Frequent urination will not return until the third semester, when your uterus will become large enough to press into your bladder again.

Daddy needs to?

You may now want to join a support group for fathers-to-be in addition to taking pre-natal classes alongside your partner, to help your partner during her pregnancy.

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