2 Weeks Pregnant

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It’s now the second week of your pregnancy, but there is still no visible indication whatsoever.

Just Before the Baby

Final touches are being given to the egg before its release into the oviduct. Once this egg is fertilized by the sperm, the zygote will be formed, which is to become your baby. For now, there’s still no actual baby.

Changes inside the Mommy

Your uterus is ready for implantation

During your menstrual period, your uterine lining has already been shed. The uterus has prepared itself, with extra blood supply and spongy walls, to support a fetus during its entire growth process. In either of your true ovaries, the egg’s release, or ovulation, is about to occur.

Number of eggs released during ovulation

Normally, one egg is released at the end of every menstrual cycle. In certain instances however, the ovaries have been found to release two eggs simultaneously. If both of these get fertilized by sperm cells, you will give birth to fraternal twins who may not be identical. Also, the probability of this happening is about 1 in every 89 births.

Cramp on one side upon the egg’s release

A discomfort that women usually feel at the time of or around ovulation is a cramp or pain on one side of their abdomen. This condition has been termed mittleschmertz. However, as opposed to the case with usual pains, consuming pain-killers in such cases is not advisable when you are planning to conceive.

Daddy needs to?

Half-way during the Mommy’s menstrual cycle, i.e. on the 14th day, she will be ovulating. This means that the egg is ripened, ready for fertilization by the sperm. All that is required now is for you to give conceiving the baby a shot. There is no need to worry, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the moment. This will also help prevent any adverse effects on your sperm formation. Hope for the best!

Increase man’s sperm count

Special care needs to be taken by Daddy now that he plans to bring his own child into this world. Official researches have proven that wearing boxers and loose pants help increase a man’s sperm count. Therefore, it’s advisable to wear them for as much as possible during each day. While at office and working at home, you as the Daddy need to take extra care not to place your laptop in your lap for long periods of time. The heat from the machine can warm your testicles which in turn affects sperm production.

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