26 Weeks Pregnant

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Baby is now aware of light

Finally, the uterus allows some light to shine in, so that your baby can become aware of light and dark now. But in addition to that, the family has to be brought into light as well so that they’re able to deal with the pregnancy. If older siblings of the little baby are feeling threatened by the attention that the baby is getting, it is very important for parents to discuss it with the children and explain why their coming sibling requires all the attention. Also tell them that they are no less important.

How’s the baby coming on?

Development in the baby

  • At 26 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs around 795 grams and is about 32.5 centimeters long, which is longer than a foot-long ruler. It will continue to press into your abdomen and may cause slight discomfort occasionally.

  • His or her veins are still clearly visible through the transparent skin, although the skin is slowly becoming more opaque as the due date approaches.
  • The lungs are actively developing during this time too, and there is increased brain activity.
  • A major development during this week is that your baby can finally see the home it’s been living in for the past twenty six weeks. This is because the eyelids have finally separated (remember that the eyelids were fused closed during the previous weeks).
  • He or she is also now able to move the head back and forth, probably more out of reflex than a genuine desire to investigate the inside of their temporary home.

Changes inside the Mommy

Still suffering from constipation?

Your uterus is now 2 ½ inches above your belly button. If you’re still battling constipation even though you’ve already increased your liquid and fiber intake, you may want to ask your doctor for a suppository. However, it’s still best to deal with this naturally unless it becomes unbearable. This is because it’s always preferable for the Mommy to avoid any medications while she has the little baby living inside her.

Daddy needs to?

Sleeping separately

By now the tossing and turning in bed of your partner might have increased. She may also be getting up frequently for using the bathroom or to go and get midnight snacks. If this causes interruptions in your own sleep that you may not like, you can consider sleeping separately for the time being. However it is still advisable to be there for your partner as much as you can, for moral support. She must not be made to feel she is causing you any discomfort.

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