27 Weeks Pregnant

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It’s the last week of your second trimester, and in just a few more weeks, you’ll be seeing your baby for the first time. Isn’t that exciting? Make sure to capture and document every moment so that you’ll have pictures to remember this period by. Collages often come in handy when you’re experiencing nostalgia.

How’s the baby coming on?

Development in the baby

  • Your baby is getting heavier by the day, and will probably reach the 900-gram mark this week.
  • The limbs are continually growing, so your baby will now measure about 40 centimeters.

  • If you begin to feel a different kind of pressure on your cervix, this is probably your baby positioning itself in preparation for the delivery.
  • Your baby’s development continues during the final week of the second trimester, with the retinas forming and the lungs now capable of breathing air.
  • Their pulmonary vascular system can already provide sufficient gas exchange for survival, and the central nervous system can already regulate rhythmic breathing and even the basal body temperature.

Changes inside the Mommy

Big weight gain?

You may have noticed that you have begun to gain a lot of weight during and around this week. The weight gained during the pregnancy is not fat, in fact it’s a necessity to ensure a healthy and complications-free pregnancy. The weight, moreover, is evenly distributed and not just accumulating on your waistline. For example, the average pre-pregnancy breasts each weigh an average of 7 ounces. During pregnancy, breasts can increase in weight and weigh up to 28 ounces each. The weight gained also contributes to various body fluids like the amniotic fluid and the blood.

Daddy needs to?

It is time for you to breathe a sigh of relief. This is because even in case of a premature birth, your baby will stand a very good chance of survival as the development is nearing completion. Enjoy the end of the second trimester but be mentally prepared for the things to get a little tiresome before eventually ending in the form of good news for the two of you.

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