5 Weeks Pregnant

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Amongst other happenings, this week is known to mark the start of your baby’s life: your baby’s heart start’s beating during this week. Another reason to celebrate!

How’s the baby coming on?

Embryo will have three layers

Your baby is now developing an embryo which comprises of three layers.

  • The top layer, referred to as the ectoderm, is where the neural tube will form. It’s from here that the nervous system, including the spinal cord and the brain, as well as hair and skin will originate.
  • The middle layer, termed mesoderm, gives rise to bones, muscles, heart, kidneys, and reproductive organs in due course.

  • The third layer is known as the endoderm and this is from where the baby’s liver, bladder, intestines and pancreas will develop eventually.

As stated earlier, the baby’s heart begins beating during this week. This implies that the circulatory system is the first system to begin functioning in the body.

Transvaginal ultrasound

If, during this week, you decide to have a transvaginal ultrasound done, you will be able to distinguish the head and the “tail” of your baby. This is the very beginning of your baby’s growth and development, the length of whom is as of now only about 1.5 to 2.5 millimeters.

Changes inside the Mommy

Early Morning nausea

This week also marks the beginning of early morning sickness in the mother. You may feel nauseated and in the morning and may also throw up. This usually triggers a feeling of increased appetite and also frequent urination. This is due to the fact that the uterus is increasing in size and is now beginning to press into your bladder.

Pregnancy symptoms

The pregnancy symptoms vary from mother to mother. For some the 9 month journey is extremely smooth, for others it may pose a lot of problems. Some may even be bed-ridden for at least the first thirteen weeks.

Light cramping & pinkish discharge

In case you experience light cramping and discharge that looks like old blood from implantation, do consult your doctor.

Lower back ache

Back ache usually starts at this point in a pregnancy, though this nothing to worry about.

Daddy needs to?

Your support is trivial again. Be understanding during all your partner’s mood swings. She’s in discomfort. This may give rise to frustration that can be taken out on you frequently. Don’t take it personally – it’s just the little kid’s demands.

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