6 Weeks Pregnant

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This week has a lot in store. The baby is now growing at an unbelievably rapid rate. Though it’s a good sign, it can pose problems for Mommy. In case this news hasn’t been broken to all your friends and your family, now’s the perfect time!

How’s the baby coming on?

Placenta and the umbilical cord

By now the baby measures about 4-6 millimeters in length and has a head and trunk. Limbs formation also initiates during this week. The head will have indentations, which mark the spots for the baby’s eyes, ears and mouth. The umbilical cord and the placenta start to develop during this week, although they get ready to function a lot after this; by the 12th week.

The mind originates

Your baby’s tiny heart is healthy and continues to pump blood throughout the little body. Moreover, the minute brain is beginning to develop. The young one’s brain development at this stage can be monitored through an electroencephalogram or EEG.

Changes inside the Mommy

Morning sickness

The morning sickness by now takes a turn towards being more unpredictable. You may throw up any time during the day. You may also begin craving for particular foods and disliking foods that you otherwise enjoy. Moreover, the breasts change during this week. They may feel heavy and sore, and the areola (the dark nipple part) will get darker.

Daddy needs to?

All you need to do is to be as nice to the mother-to-be as possible. She’s having a tough time physically and mentally, all for your baby’s sake. Your support will undoubtedly help.

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