7 Weeks Pregnant

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Six weeks have already flown by! Your wait is decreasing by the day. Within seven months, the little tyke will be in your arms. For now though, it’s still in his or her Mommy’s belly, and even that isn’t showing yet.

How’s the baby coming on?

By 7 weeks pregnant, the fetus is 7-9 millimeters and weighs around the 30th of an ounce. This mass is as small as a grain of rice and about as light as a small candy. Nevertheless, the structure within this minute “rod” is magnificently complex already.

Bladder, bones, esophagus and tongue

The bladder, esophagus, bones and tongue of the baby’s body are developing in addition to head, spinal cord and some of the larger blood vessels. Nasal pits and tiny eyelids begin to appear as well. All of the major organs of the little body are developing continually. The baby usually has three different sets of kidneys one after the other. During the 7th, it has the second of the three.

Arms and legs are forming

The arms and legs have begun poking out of the little body, although there is still no sign of toes or fingers. Also it’s very difficult to distinguish the gender of the baby at this point, the genital tubercle is present. The baby is splashing around in the amniotic sac actively, though Mommy feels nothing yet.

Changes inside the Mommy

Breaking out in spots

Your face may start breaking out like a teenager due to hormonal changes. There is no need to worry, as this is quite normal and usually clear up on the second trimester or after you deliver.

Should I be showing at 7th Week of Pregnancy?

You may have a lost or gained a few pounds by now, but there will be no outwardly signs of pregnancy. The pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness will now begin to subside somewhat.

Daddy needs to?

In case you’re wondering whether your sex life can continue normally during your partner’s pregnancy, the decision lies entirely with your partner. You can go ahead if your partner is ok with it, though care needs to be taken if there are complications in the pregnancy.

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