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17 Weeks Pregnant

You’re now beginning the fifth month of your pregnancy. Can you believe how fast time flies when you’re expecting a baby? How’s the baby coming on? Baby fat starting to form Fat, known in biological terms as adipose tissue is beginning to form underneath your baby’s skin, which will account for about 2%-6% of their […]

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16 Weeks Pregnant

Boy or girl? This is bound to be an exciting week not only for the expectant couple for the entire family! During this week you will finally be able to decide a name for your child and also determine the color of your child’s bedroom decorations! Social implications do come underway in some cases, in […]

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15 Weeks Pregnant

Shopping for maternity clothes Sadly for the Daddy, it’s time to do some shopping! Shopping for maternity clothes, that is. It is possible that the mother will not fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes, so it’s advisable to buy comfortable and preferably loose clothes for the entire pregnancy period. Try and buy no more than two or three […]

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14 Weeks Pregnant

It should be an enjoyable week for the expectant couple as the hormones have now begun to level off. How’s the baby coming on? Starting to use the hands Your baby is about 12.5 centimeters in length, and weighs 55 grams during the 14th week of pregnancy. Fingerprints begin forming in those tiny baby fingers, and he […]

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13 Weeks Pregnant

Most comfortable period of pregnancy? Welcome to the second trimester! This part of your pregnancy is usually the easiest and the most comfortable and relaxing period of your pregnancy, as the initial fatigue and moodiness is over for you and the tummy is still not very big and obvious as of yet. How’s the baby […]

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