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30 Weeks Pregnant

10 more weeks to go At the maximum, there are merely 10 more weeks to go before you’ll finally have your baby in your arms to judge for yourself who he or she looks like. Does he has dad’s curly hair or mom’s long eyelashes? Does he has dad’s broad chin or Mum’s almond eyes? […]

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29 Weeks Pregnant

The pregnancy is getting more and more difficult, but it’s time to focus on the positive side of pregnancy so that the aspects that may appear gloomy can be pushed to the background. For one, have you noticed how you’ve grown closer to your family, especially to your own mother? Once you were a baby […]

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28 Weeks Pregnant

Third trimester Welcome to the third trimester and your 28 week of pregnancy! By this time, you would probably be meeting with your doctor every two weeks or so because constant monitoring is now a necessity. How’s the baby coming on? Development in the baby Your baby will be blinking fairly often during this week, and will […]

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