Periods During Pregnancy

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You have often heard the phrase periods during pregnancy. This phrase has confused a number of women as often pregnant women experience something like periods but actually the fact is far from it.

Certainly, it is quite confusing for the women and they are curious to know whether everything is perfectly alright with them or not.  It is not unusual to realize at any point that you are bleeding, particularly in first trimester of pregnancy. Studies show that 1 in 10 women experience this problem. This problem brings with it a lot of confusion and anxiousness for the pregnant women and it becomes extremely important to know whether it is something to really bother about or not.

As for the initial few weeks of pregnancy, some women experience the symptoms like mild bleeding or spotting and/or heavy feeling somewhere around the same time when a period should have occurred. This usually refers to the fact that the hormone levels in your body that are undergoing an immense change have not yet able to prevent the blood loss from the parts of your uterus yet not protected by placenta. If you are in your first trimester and your doctor has already confirmed your pregnancy, then you are more than likely experiencing decidual bleeding. This is all normal and there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are still confused and concerned about bleeding and also experiencing the following symptoms, then better consult your doctor to fix an appointment.

  • If you observe the bright red blood bleeding drops
  • If you feel that you are having severe or heavy, particularly of bright red color, then you should take rest and if possible, call the doctor home. It is necessary because you may be experiencing bleeding from a low-lying placenta or may be the placenta is separating from the uterine lining.
  • Another thing that you need to observe is that whether you’re experiencing moderate to severe abdominal pain or backache and bleeding (irrespective of the color of blood). If you are having brownish color bleeding, then you may be experiencing ectopic or tubal pregnancy. It is quite rare, but still treatment is necessary.

In general, periods are not supposed occur during pregnancy as the periods normally occur when an egg isn’t fertilized and also the uterine lining drops down. However, there are so many problems that produce the similar symptoms like those of periods which are then mistakenly treated as periods. Every so often, the cause of this bleeding is some kind of vaginal infection. If you are on Pills, then getting pregnant on Pill can also cause you to bleed in initial few weeks of pregnancy similar to that of a period.

There is nothing to hesitate in calling your doctor and talk with her about your present condition. Perhaps, your doctor would only be the person that can understand your situation more than anyone else and guide you properly. So, if you experience some obvious periods during pregnancy during the first few weeks of first trimester, immediately talk to your doctor. All you need is to take care of your body and be certain what is happening inside your body.

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