Reasons for Getting a Period Early

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About early Periods

When a woman achieves puberty level she went through periods almost once every four weeks until menopause. The regularity of periods shows a discrepancy from women to women, some may have shorter usual cycle of 25 days while some may have cycles of about 32 days. A period which comes earlier than the estimated average period of the individual is known as early periods. For example for a women who averages 31 days periods a 24 day might be an early period for he, but it may be casual for a women who have average 25 day periods. A range of physical and emotional factors can caused early periods, which do not show serious problem. If you constantly have periods prior to expected date, it indicates a root and by taking precautions to change it helps and safe your periods normal.

Physical Causes

Many factors cause the problem of an early period. considers the menstrual cycle a complex process which is affected by hormones, the sexual organs and the nervous system. Consequently significant alteration in hormones and nervous system can lead to early periods. As hormones control the menstrual cycle any irregularity in hormones cause early periods. Of a women take birth control pills and overlook a number of pills, this may direct to less irregular periods. Taking birth control measures, other drugs such as antibiotics and caffeine may also contribute the cause of early periods. It is also observed that the women who are near menopause, more likely to have shorter and irregular periods. Excessive hard work results in less frequent periods rather than more frequent periods, can also impact periods. Menstrual irregularities may also produce by quick lose weight or gain.

Psychological Causes

The regards that mental and emotional condition which might be a factor of an early period. Anxiety and stress are the main psychological factors which influence your periods. In case of overworked and fatigues or emotional distress during the time which leads to early period, captivating steps in reducing stress and more rest may enhance you problem. Resolving conflicts with the partner can reduce stress, shifting jobs, exercise, doing yoga and meditation are other customs to lessen strain.

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