13 Weeks Pregnant

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Most comfortable period of pregnancy?

Welcome to the second trimester! This part of your pregnancy is usually the easiest and the most comfortable and relaxing period of your pregnancy, as the initial fatigue and moodiness is over for you and the tummy is still not very big and obvious as of yet.

How’s the baby coming on?

Baby teeth

By this week all twenty baby teeth have already formed under the gums. The weight of both the baby and the placenta is same at 28 grams each. The pancreas is now secreting insulin. The development of the vocal cords is under way. The villi are also developing in the intestines which assist in the peristalsis.

Changes inside the Mommy

Expansion of the uterus

Because you regain the energy that you lost during the first three months of your pregnancy, you’ll now be sorely tempted to be up and about as usual. However you may now get tired more easily compared to your pre-pregnancy days. This is to be considered quite normal. You may now feel abdominal pain, due to the expansion of the uterus. This pain is referred to as “round ligament pain” and the best way to deal with it is to rest your body as much as you can. If it gets too painful and symptoms like vomiting or bleeding occur, you must consult your doctor.

Exercise program

As you will now be feeling fresh and energetic, you should consider continuing your exercise program. Ask your doctor for opinion and assistance, although mere normal walk is the recommended form of exercise for you during your pregnancy.

Daddy needs to?

It will be fulfilling for your partner if you accompany her on her walks. Not only will this keep both of you fit, it will also benefit your little tyke. As her appetite is getting better too, the time is ripe for you to take her to a dinner.

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