17 Weeks Pregnant

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You’re now beginning the fifth month of your pregnancy. Can you believe how fast time flies when you’re expecting a baby?

How’s the baby coming on?

Baby fat starting to form

Fat, known in biological terms as adipose tissue is beginning to form underneath your baby’s skin, which will account for about 2%-6% of their total body weight upon birth. The fat is important since this helps maintain their body temperature once they’re out of the womb. The baby’s weight by now is about 140-145 grams and it is heavier than the placenta. The heart is still pumping around 25 quarts of blood daily. The brain development continues, the reflexes now in place and well-tuned. The baby is now sucking on his thumb, swallowing amniotic fluid and blinking every once in a while. Even though the ears are not fully developed yet, the sense of hearing is in place. Sudden loud noises could actually startle the baby so care needs to be taken.

Changes inside the Mommy

Increased blood volume

The increase in blood volume may also bring about an increase in the body secretions. The uterus is now about 1.5 to 2 inches below your belly button, or about midway between your pubic bone and navel. Increased sweating, regular nasal congestion and increased vaginal discharge are all to be considered perfectly normal. They are all pregnancy symptoms and will subside after delivery.

Round ligament pain

Some mothers report worse cases of round ligament pain during this week. If you’re also suffering from this, try sleeping on your side instead of lying straight on your back. This can help because lying on your back compresses the pelvic veins and causes decreased blood circulation in the lower half of your body.

Daddy needs to?

It is time to start planning for your future, because your grocery bills are about to sky-rocket in the future with the addition of a demanding family member. Being a father to your kid financially is as important as being the kid’s Daddy emotionally.

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