18 Weeks Pregnant

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Baby bump

It is by now obvious that good news is coming your way. The stomach bulge becomes noticeable. But it doesn’t matter, because for the mother-to-be who’s confident enough of her curves, this adds to her sex appeal for her husband.

How’s the baby coming on?

First bowel movement meconium

It’s almost half-way through your pregnancy that your baby begins to look like a tiny human being, with the eyes staring forward and not out of the sides of the head. Stereoscopic vision thus gets initiated. The first bowel movement, called meconium, also begins to accumulate in your baby’s tummy. If you have a baby boy, his prostate gland will start to develop during this week. If it’s a baby girl, she will develop her own uterus and vaginal canal.

Skin layers epidermis and dermis

Two distinct baby skin layers called epidermis (surface skin) and dermis are now present on your baby. They are currently covered by a waxy substance called vernix caseosa. This helps protect your baby’s skin from getting bruised during all that swimming in the amniotic fluid.

Changes inside the Mommy

Dizzy or lightheaded

If you suddenly begin to feel dizzy or light-headed every time you stand up suddenly, don’t worry or get scared. This can be blamed on the increased blood volume too, because it lowers your blood pressure. Low blood pressure is in turn the reason for sudden dizziness.

Trouble sleeping

You may also have trouble sleeping during and beyond this week. Try raising your head with lots of pillows and make yourself comfortable in that position, lying on your side. You might also want to go to the bathroom before turning in to avoid unnecessary trips to the bathroom late at night, which can prove to be tiresome and occasionally dangerous in a dark room where a risk of falling is present.

Daddy needs to?

Many women reportedly begin feeling insecure about the size and shape of their body by this week of their pregnancy. You need to play your part by reminding her that she’s never looked better. Try cheering her up as much as you can. You might find that listening to her complain without fretting will also cheer her up. After all, merely sharing your concerns with someone who would listen reduces half the dilemma!

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