19 Weeks Pregnant

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Childbirth class

Time to train yourself! Enroll in a childbirth class under any reputed supervising authority, if you haven’t already done so yet. Pick one closest to your residence (to avoid extended travel for your partner) and also the one most suited to your schedule.

How’s the baby coming on?

24 centimeters in length

At 19 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 24 cm in length and is now measured from head to toe rather than crown to rump as was the case initially. The baby is now a rather healthy little tyke, weighing in at 225 grams during the nineteenth week of pregnancy.


The Meconium, or the baby’s first “poop”, builds up in the tummy starting this week and will come out shortly after birth. It is black and sticky, and while handling it you’ll be glad it happens only once.

If your baby is a girl, her tiny ovaries already contain primitive egg cells, proof that the cycle of life continues.

Permanent teeth buds also begin developing behind the already developed milk teeth buds.

Changes inside the Mommy

Pregnancy friendly exercise

Half-way during your pregnancy, i.e. during this week and the next, you may start feeling fat and stiff so it’s advisable for you to continue with your pregnancy-friendly exercises. You may choose from

  • Aerobics (walking, jogging and swimming)
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

You may also do some weight training to keep you from gaining weight unnecessarily during the course of your pregnancy. There is, after all, no point making it difficult for yourself to lose this weight after the birth of your child.

Daddy needs to?

Be mentally prepared for odd instinctive actions coming from your partner. For example, she might suddenly grab your hand and place it on her belly for you to sense your baby kicking around inside. More often however, at this stage, you won’t feel anything. But it is still best to sound exuberant and happy as this will satisfy your partner. With time, you’ll be able to distinctly feel your baby’s movements as the baby gets bigger and stronger.

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