20 Weeks Pregnant

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Congratulations! This week marks the end of the first half of your pregnancy! In just twenty more weeks or even less, you’ll finally be holding your little tyke in your arms to watch the miracle of life unfold before your eyes and the wonderful feeling that it brings along for both parents.

How’s the baby coming on?

  • Eyebrows and eyelashes are now visible
  • Your baby is now about 26 centimeters
  • He or she weighs 283 grams
  • The limbs are now growing in their correct proportion to the body, so your baby doesn’t look like an alien with an oversized head anymore. (A relief, if you will)

  • Ossification continues
  • Lips are more defined
  • If it’s a boy, the testes will now be descending to the correct position, but won’t have passed the abdominal wall yet.
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes may be visible on close observation.

You may want to have an ultrasound done during this week to see how your baby looks like. Go for a 3D ultrasound. There isn’t anything better than seeing your baby move in real time, is there?

Changes inside the Mommy

Your belly button pops out

This week you might notice that your belly button pops out. This is quite normal, and will correct itself as soon as you conceive your baby. Pelvic tilts are suggested as an exercise during pregnancy for the woman to be able to control the need to urinate frequently. Some Mommies have trouble breathing this time around. Although this is quite normal due to the pressure on your abdominal and thoracic cavities, you might want to consult a doctor if it starts bothering you too much. The Linea Negra may also appear during this week or around it, which is the medical term used to describe a darkening line between your navel and pubic hair. If it bothers you, wear clothes that keep the area covered. This line should fade away during the weeks following the birth of your child, so don’t worry about it too much.

Daddy needs to?

The training you receive during childbirth classes is bound to come in handy during delivery and after the birth of your child. In addition to this, your wife is going to need someone to remain calmly by her side during the classes as well as during her labor to remind her to breathe correctly. So make sure you follow the schedule of these classes and take interest in them. This may prove hard initially but you’re bound to get used to them.

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