23 Weeks Pregnant

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It is now theoretically possible for your baby to stand a chance at survival if it’s born this week. But do keep hoping and praying it doesn’t have to leave the comforts of your uterus just yet. Even though it’s possible, it’s still very risky.

How’s the baby coming on?

Ossification of your baby’s bones

At 23 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs a considerable 510 grams and the growth continues. The bones continue with their ossification (especially those in the middle ear). This week onwards, the baby will begin reacting to sudden and loud sounds like those of a dog barking, a car honking, people talking and hopefully the parents chatting. It is now up to you to make sure your child doesn’t get startled by any loud noises. Don’t play loud music or shout for the next 15-17 weeks or so. It’s all for your baby’s sake.

Changes inside the Mommy

Braxton Hicks contractions

You may begin to feel Braxton Hicks contractions, painless and intermittent tightening of the belly every 10 or 20 minutes. This is actually quite normal and is not a cause of worry.

Fundal Height (McDonald’s Rule)

It is now time to start measuring your belly using the Fundal height to be able to monitor your baby’s growth inside the womb. You may use guides available in many books or reputable websites online. If you turn out be “too small” or “too big”, discuss it with your doctor as it may be a cause for concern.

Daddy needs to?

Merely because she is feeling better now compared to her first trimester certainly does not mean that she needs you any less. Throughout the entire course of her pregnancy, try not to work till too late and go home early in the evening in order to spend as much time as possible with your spouse. Talk to her and make her comfortable, tell her you will always be there for her. Remember, these are your last few weeks as a couple, and you must gather memories to cherish later.

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