24 Weeks Pregnant

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It’s another great week, although you’re now approaching the beginning of the more difficult third trimester. The best advice for the expectant parents at this point is to enjoy it while it’s good and be mentally prepared for what lies ahead for both the mother and the father.

How’s the baby coming on?

  • Your child’s ears and fingernails are now fully formed.
  • If you’re having a boy, his testicles are now on their way from the abdominal wall to the scrotum.
  • Even though they’re still breathing amniotic fluid, the lungs are now secreting a substance referred to as surfactant. This is a surface-activated fat which helps the baby lungs expand with oxygen after delivery.
  • The baby will now be about 30 centimeters long and will weigh about 600 grams.
  • Chances of survival in case of premature birth of the baby get better with every passing week.

Changes inside the Mommy

Premature labors caused by dehydration?

Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout this time. Many premature labors have been known to occur during summers and it is thought that this may be because the mother was dehydrated. Though this is still a theory, it’s best to be sure. As is the case with every other medical condition, the sooner you come to recognize the symptoms, the higher will be chances of survival for yourself and your child in case of premature birth. Therefore, get familiarity with the signs of premature labor so you can recognize it should it happen to you.

Trying to sleep

By now your baby will be so active that you may start losing sleep because of his or her restlessness. In fact, friends and family will now be able to feel the baby’s movements through your belly. In case you find it hard to sleep, keep trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, try a specially designed pregnancy pillow if it’s available where you live. As an alternative you could just try and arrange your regular pillows into such a shape as to keep your belly, back and legs supported. It’s very important to do so for your physical well-being.

Daddy needs to?

You must be feeling proud and excited over the baby that is to come soon. Be sure to let your partner know you’re proud of her. As said earlier, the bonds formed and strengthened now will be cherished later by the two of you.

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