31 Weeks Pregnant

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Deciding on a name?

Decided yet what you’re going to name your baby? It’s easier of course if you already know whether your new family member is to be a boy or a girl. However if, due to reasons stated earlier, you are not aware, try considering names for both boys and girls. List the names that you love and pick the ones that the majority of your close friends and family agree on. Remember you’re giving your child an identity to live with, and choosing the right name is a big responsibility.

How’s the baby coming on?

Having difficulty breathing?

At 31 weeks pregnant, your baby is not in danger since he or she is getting all the oxygen needed from the placenta. The placenta is important to your baby’s health and survival as it receives the necessary nutrients, antibodies, oxygen and hormones from the blood of the mother and also passes out all the waste.

Accumulated fat underneath

Due to the accumulated fat underneath your baby’s skin, it no longer looks transparent or red but pink. The baby pink color that everyone adores has appeared on your baby’s skin by now. Your baby will now be weighing about 1.5 kilograms, and you can expect the weight to continue to increase as the weeks pass by before birth.

Changes inside the Mommy

Braxton-Hick contractions

Your uterus is now 4 ½ inches above your belly button. Your belly is probably aching more frequently now, and you’re experiencing the Braxton-Hick contractions regularly. Keep up with your healthy habits and rest more often with your feet raised to relieve some of the leg cramps and back pain. Remember, both proper posture and ample rest, are equally important for you.

Daddy needs to?

If the pain is bothering your partner too much, hold her hand and let her feel you’re there for here. Lightly massage her aching legs and back to comfort her during this rather stressful period of her life. Tender care can often do the trick and make a person forget half of the pain any way.

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