37 Weeks Pregnant

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Term pregnancy: Completion

Yours is now what is called a term pregnancy. This means that once the mother begins labor, there will be nothing done to try to stop it (unlike in the previous weeks). In other words, you have completed the full 9 months that are required to fully develop an offspring in humans. If your baby isn’t out yet, don’t worry. Studies show that only 5% of women actually give birth on their expected due date.

How’s the baby coming on?

Development in the baby

  • At 37 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs about 3 kilograms and is about 50 centimeters long!
  • Generally, a baby boy will be taller and heavier than a baby girl.

  • The baby’s grasp is now firm – just watch how he or she will grasp your finger upon birth.

As mentioned, all the organs are now functional and ready for life in the outside world, although the immune system is still developing. This shouldn’t be such a problem since your child will get a big boost of antibodies from the mother’s breast milk once nursing begins. Enjoy your baby’s final kicks and squirms since you won’t be feeling those again for at least a while.

Changes inside the Mommy

Vaginal discharge: Preparation

You may notice that you have a lot more vaginal discharge, and there is more cervical mucus in it. That’s because your body is continually preparing for labor. Learn how to differentiate pre-labor contractions and the real thing, so that you can avoid false alarms. You need to keep books written on pregnancy handy throughout the entire course of your pregnancy, particularly during the last trimester, in order to prepare yourself.

Benefits of breastfeeding

By now, you should already have decided whether to breastfeed or not. There are many benefits of breastfeeding, which you should learn about. One of the benefits is that you are giving your child the antibodies he or she needs to become healthy. Another is that this is a wonderful bonding opportunity for both of you. It gives you a feeling of belonging, a firm assurance of the fact that the baby is your child.

Daddy needs to?

Remember that you’re part of the pregnancy too, so always talk to your partner about how she’s feeling. Make her feel comfortable about the whole thing by simply being a companion that she will be bound to love. Don’t forget to talk to your baby too!

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