8 Weeks Pregnant

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Missed two menstrual periods

By the 8th week, you have missed two of your menstrual periods. The time is now ripe for an appointment with your doctor. You need to be mentally prepared for a lengthy visit as this is bound to be a long session, being the first one. The doctor will ask you a lot of questions to take your medical history. Be compliant.

How’s the baby coming on?

Fluttering baby heartbeat

In case you have an ultrasound done this week, it will detect a virtually silent, fluttering baby heartbeat. The fetus is now 8-11 millimeters long, and this week the process of ossification starts. This means that the bones are beginning to harden. The leg buds now sprout tiny feet. The ears, eyes and even the tip of the nose are showing slowly. Little baby teeth are beginning to develop under the gums. The baby’s hindbrain is now visible and the gonads too, which eventually will become either ovaries or testes. The intestines originate, though within the umbilical cord for now.

At this point, your pregnancy might become evident but only slightly.

Changes inside the Mommy

Urination, constipation, heartburn, indigestion and fatigue

Although the tiresome morning sickness will have subsided by now, you may be experiencing other pregnancy symptoms that include

  • frequent urination,
  • constipation, heartburn,
  • fatigue
  • Indigestion.

All this is quite normal, though of course you may consult a doctor if you wish to.

Daddy needs to?

First pre-natal visit

Your presence for your wife’s first pre-natal visit is vital, because it’s a very important consultation. You may even treat her to dinner afterwards!

Risk of developing toxoplasmosis

It is very important that your wife stays away from the kitty litter box. Exposure to cat litter will put her at risk of developing toxoplasmosis, which causes genetic defects in the baby. Therefore, if you own a cat, make sure you get someone else to clean the litter, or do it yourself.

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  2. DIPTI says:

    I had IVF done and Seven week Ultrasound shows Foetal Brady cardia. No Heart beat but blood vessel shows clear liquid flow. What is the reason. Pl. guide.

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