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12 Weeks Pregnant

End of the first trimester This week marks the end of your trimester. The good news is that the risk of miscarriage is now greatly reduced; another reason to celebrate, if you will. How’s the baby coming on? Baby’s toes and fingers will now get separated The rapid growth of your baby continues who now […]

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11 Weeks Pregnant

Critical part of the development of your baby Days into the eleventh week, the most critical part of the development of your baby gets completed as you’re now nearing the start of the second trimester of your pregnancy. At 11 weeks pregnant, there will be rapid growth and maturation of your baby’s organs. How’s the baby coming […]

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10 Weeks Pregnant

The fetal period The embryonic period is over and the fetal period has begun, which will last until delivery. Your baby is not a fertilized egg anymore. Nor is it a blastocyst or an embryo. He or she is now a fetus! A quarter of your pregnancy has already passed by. How’s the baby coming […]

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9 Weeks Pregnant

Childbirth class It’s probably time to ask around for a good childbirth class for both parents, to prepare you for what lies ahead in less than 7 months. How’s the baby coming on? Embryonic period This week will mark the end of the embryonic period of your baby since the placenta, the connection between the mother’s blood supply and […]

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8 Weeks Pregnant

Missed two menstrual periods By the 8th week, you have missed two of your menstrual periods. The time is now ripe for an appointment with your doctor. You need to be mentally prepared for a lengthy visit as this is bound to be a long session, being the first one. The doctor will ask you a […]

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7 Weeks Pregnant

Six weeks have already flown by! Your wait is decreasing by the day. Within seven months, the little tyke will be in your arms. For now though, it’s still in his or her Mommy’s belly, and even that isn’t showing yet. How’s the baby coming on? By 7 weeks pregnant, the fetus is 7-9 millimeters […]

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6 Weeks Pregnant

This week has a lot in store. The baby is now growing at an unbelievably rapid rate. Though it’s a good sign, it can pose problems for Mommy. In case this news hasn’t been broken to all your friends and your family, now’s the perfect time! How’s the baby coming on? Placenta and the umbilical cord […]

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5 Weeks Pregnant

Amongst other happenings, this week is known to mark the start of your baby’s life: your baby’s heart start’s beating during this week. Another reason to celebrate! How’s the baby coming on? Embryo will have three layers Your baby is now developing an embryo which comprises of three layers. The top layer, referred to as […]

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4 Weeks Pregnant

Many congratulations! You are now on first month of your pregnancy! The actual news of your pregnancy is broken to you during this week so you’re in for a happy time. Eight months from now, you’ll have a very big reason to celebrate. How’s the baby coming on? Blastocyst is in your uterus The blastocyst […]

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3 Weeks Pregnant

If you’ve followed our advice and coupled on or around the 14th day of your wife’s menstrual period, it’s now time for fertilization to occur. Things are beginning to get interesting now! How’s the baby coming on? The egg meets the sperm Mommy’s egg has now reached the fallopian tube (oviduct) and so has the […]

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