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Irregular Periods During Breastfeeding

Irregular periods can occur during the breastfeeding phase post delivery. The irregularity can vary depending on the length of the time you breastfeed for and the level of your postpartum hormones. Time Frame Every woman’s body reacts differently to breastfeeding and therefore the return of menses can vary. In some cases, periods resume after three […]

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What Are the Causes of Menstrual Blood Clots?

It is not unusual to pass a big blood clot during your menstrual periods, though it can make you think about it once for a while. Passing big blood clots during the menstrual periods is not something to worry about. Dr. Robert B. Albee of states that the blood will clot if pools for […]

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Periods During Pregnancy

You have often heard the phrase periods during pregnancy. This phrase has confused a number of women as often pregnant women experience something like periods but actually the fact is far from it. Certainly, it is quite confusing for the women and they are curious to know whether everything is perfectly alright with them or […]

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Irregular Periods (Oligomenorrhea)

Periods are no doubt is an extremely tough time for every woman. Several different symptoms attacks your during the periods and make you feel sick such as headache, backache, stomach disorders etc. where regular periods are so painful, irregular periods are even more painful and uncomfortable. During the menstrual cycles, irregular periods are one of […]

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