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Mood Swings During Menstrual Cycle

Most women experience mood swings during their menstrual cycles. They can become a big problem because often women can’t control the rising emotions during this time and can get a bit hyperactive or completely down. Changes in a woman’s temper during her period can be very unpredictable and can impact the entire household; not the […]

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What is Late Menstrual Cycle

The scenario of “late periods” varies. Usually though, it’s any of the three cases below that may become causes for worry for you: 1. Your regular periods have been taking longer to come for a while now and you can’t figure out why. They may even have stopped entirely. 2. You had your first period […]

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Reasons for Getting a Period Early

About early Periods When a woman achieves puberty level she went through periods almost once every four weeks until menopause. The regularity of periods shows a discrepancy from women to women, some may have shorter usual cycle of 25 days while some may have cycles of about 32 days. A period which comes earlier than […]

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What Causes A One Day Period?

The only time when you can conceive is during your ovulation phase. To be more precise, you can conceive if you have had intercourse with your partner somewhere around fourteen days after the first day of your last period or fourteen days before the beginning of your next period. If you didn’t had intercourse at […]

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How to Deal With a Heavy Menstrual Flow

Periods are often very painful and bring discomfort with them. They also affect the everyday life by great deal. Here are few steps to deal with your heavy menstrual flow. Things Required Extra sleep A record of your period’s intensity and frequency A doctor Ibuprofen A low-fat, high-fiber diet Instructions Get Rest If you are […]

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The Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual cycle is basically based on three phases where two of them are considered the most distinct phases. The cycle normally occurs on the first day you have your period and ends on the day before you begin your next period. The first phase of menstrual cycle is known as follicular phase or proliferative phase. […]

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Menstrual Cycle Length

Generally, the length of menstrual cycle is not a constant phenomenon as it varies from cycle to cycle and from woman to woman. The average normal length of a cycle falls between 28 to 32 days. However, the length of the cycle may b shorter or longer in some cases. For instance, some women experience […]

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What is Normal Menstrual Cycle?

Generally, a normal menstrual cycle ranges from 25 to 35 days, where 28 days is an average cycle for menstrual. The length of a menstrual cycle is in fact referred to as the interval between the first day of flow of one period and the first day of flow of the next period. On average, […]

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Menstrual Cycle Calculator

A menstrual cycle calculator is considered as a very handy device, particularly when it comes to understand your body and plan things accordingly. For instance, having a fair knowledge about what to expect from a normal cycle, it will become easier for you to understand the abnormalities. In addition to this, a menstrual cycle calculator […]

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Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

The process by which the female’s body prepares for pregnancy each month is known as menstrual cycle or a period. This is certainly not an easy time for any woman. A lot of hormonal activities are involved that cause severe fluctuation in the hormone levels, eventually result in several physical and emotional symptoms. Bleeding Bleeding […]

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