How to Get Rid of Menstrual Period Odor

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Each vagina has its distinctive scent, and this holds true for menstruating vaginas as well. The odor for menstruating vaginas is usually quite mild and virtually undetectable by people around you. However, it can get stronger in a few cases. If that happens, make sure it isn’t an infection. If you have one, go see your doctor. If not, you can easily get rid of the odor yourself.

Step 1

You should be able to tell the difference between the usual odor and the strong odor that arises as a result of menstrual periods when you have them. There’s hardly a chance that you’ll have no odor, so it’s best to be acquainted with the normal one so you can tell if it gets stronger during your periods. Even the strong one, however, won’t be detectable when you’re clothed. It’ll only be noticeable when you’re in the bathroom. Don’t aim for a scent-free period; that’s wishful thinking.

Step 2

Take a shower if you feel the scent; regardless of whether you’ve already taken one earlier in the day. This should clean off any menstrual fluid that may be present in the curves of the body due to a heavy or thick flow. Wash thoroughly in order to remove any fluid that’s been hanging around unnecessarily.  This should dramatically decrease the odor if it was the cause of it.

Step 3

Keep changing pads. Keeping one pad for too long can give rise to stench due to the constant presence of waste blood within it for a long time. The more the waste contents, the more your odor is likely to rise. It is recommended that you should change your pad or tampon every three to four hours.

Step 4

Avoid perfumed products to counter the odor issuing from your genital area. All such products, whether sprays or pads, can make the odor worse in the long run. It has been documented that scented products contain chemicals that irritate your vagina, which can lead to increased discharge and infections which in turn can cause the vaginal odor to increase.

Step 5

Get yourself tested; vaginal infections can be dealt with easily if they’re detected before they get nasty. Strong odor may be indicating an infection like bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomoniasis or yeast infection. These infections are easily curable with medications. The infection takes the odor with it when it heals.

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