How to Stop Menstrual Bleeding?

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Many situations can come up to compel a woman to stop menstrual bleeding temporarily. In any such case, it is advisable that you talk to your doctor and make sure the method you plan to use is safe for you.


  • Using birth control pills can alter your cycle by continuously taking the active pills within the packs of your birth control pills advised by your doctor. When you skip the inactive pills and start on a new pack, you will skip your period for that cycle.

  • Get your doctor to suggest a specific birth control pill for you. For example, women who take Seasonale will only have their period four times a year. If you choose this medication, you will be instructed to take 84 active pills and then seven days of inactive pills. This course can help set a pattern for your periods to indirectly control bleeding.
  • The Mirena IUD is a device inserted into your cervix. It secretes a small amount of progestin daily in order to prevent pregnancy. It has produced quite satisfactory results for many women, who reportedly stopped having periods after the insertion of an IUD into their cervix.
  • Try herbal remedies to stop or at least reduce menstrual bleeding. Yarrow and red raspberry leaf are two herbal remedies that women have used to stop their periods over time and have been proved to help.
  • Avoid using anything that can bring upon the menstrual bleeding or prolong it. This includes aspirin and products that contain this drug, as this drug causes a thinning of the blood that can trigger heavy blood flow.

Important Tip

The only permanent way to put a stop to menstrual bleeding is to have a hysterectomy done. This is a surgical procedure that removes the women’s uterus in case of some medical issue. But remember, any woman opting for this method must be aware of their own intentions: whether they want any more children or not. Because once this procedure has been performed, there is no being pregnant again.

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