How to Deal with Irregular Periods Naturally

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Irregular periods can occur due to a number of causes, ranging from a flawed diet or lifestyle to hormonal imbalance, genetic or otherwise. These, although always a little irritating, can become a big hurdle if you’re planning to conceive, as this way it becomes virtually impossible to decide which time is the best to try and conceive. By means of this article we aim to discuss a few natural remedies available to help counter irregular periods. However, because not all of these are guaranteed to work, you should consider your physician if they fail to regulate your periods.

Regular Exercise

Percentage of body fat be it too high or too low, can lead to menstrual irregularities. You need to make exercise a habit. However, optimize your exercise so as to take maximum benefit out of it. For the average woman, 30 minutes of mild to moderate exercise such as swimming, cycling or walking can have beneficial effects on their menstrual cycles. Do consider some weight training as well. As always, take your physician into confidence before starting anything like this.

Taking things easy

Many women have irregular periods mainly due to their everyday stressful routines. The best remedy to counter stressful and monotonous routines is to take time out for your own self. Do something that you really enjoy doing so that your body and mind can relax. Watching a movie, taking a good, long shower or simply sitting in bed reading can help shift one’s mind from the issues that are normally preoccupying the brain and being a cause of stress. Regular exercise, yoga meditation or simply a pedicure or hair cut on a regular basis should do you good too.

Limit Soy Intake

An excess of soy intake can increase the length of the average menstrual cycle. This is because it contains isoflavones, which are similar to estrogen in their effect of prolonging or disturbing the pattern of the usual menstrual cycles in a woman.

Insulin Resistance Diet

In some cases, menstrual irregularities are caused by mild insulin resistance, which can be a precursor to diabetes. On an insulin resistance diet, highly processed carbohydrates like simple sugars, white bread and pasta, as well as excess fat should all be avoided. Try consuming more fruits and vegetables as opposed to fast food, and focus on protein as the major part of your diet. Broccoli, zucchini, celery, mint and kale are good vegetables to eat. Also keep drinking a lot of water but avoid sodas and preservative-containing juices.

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