How to Sleep With a Tampon

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Tampons are products designed as more “freedom-oriented” alternatives to pads. They allow you to swim or wear certain clothes that pads don’t allow. There are, however, certain steps that you need to follow to make the tampon totally safe to use.


  • A tampon can be worn for up to a maximum of eight hours. Keep in mind when you changed it last, so that you can change it on time. You may have to change it sooner though, if the flow is heavy or thick.
  • Insert a new tampon in each time you go to bed.

  • Make arrangements to wake up, when it`s time to change your tampon.
  • Try changing before eight marks even if you feel the tampon can go on being used for some more time. Wearing one tampon for a longer duration than this can cause toxic shock syndrome, which is an unnecessary complication.

Important Tips

  • Remove the tampon immediately and seek medical attention If you begin to get flu-like symptoms such as vomiting, fever, diarrhea or chills as they can be indication of a bacterial infection called Toxic Shock Syndrome, a complication that is uncomfortable and unnecessary if care is taken.

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