Irregular Periods During Breastfeeding

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Irregular periods can occur during the breastfeeding phase post delivery. The irregularity can vary depending on the length of the time you breastfeed for and the level of your postpartum hormones.

Time Frame

Every woman’s body reacts differently to breastfeeding and therefore the return of menses can vary. In some cases, periods resume after three to four months while in other cases it can take six months or more. Sometimes, unusually, periods don’t stop till one stops breastfeeding, but most women experience the return of their periods once their babies’ sleeping patterns become more regular.


Breastfeeding causes a halt in ovulation, which in turn causes the periods to become irregular. This is owing to the by-product of milk called prolactin that suppresses ovulation and hence contributes to the irregularity experienced in periods.


Despite common misconceptions that indicate otherwise, it is possible for you to get pregnant during breastfeeding again even if your periods are missing or irregular. It is true that fertility is decreased during this time, you don’t become totally infertile. If you aren’t convinced by multiple reassurances, discuss birth control options with your healthcare provider and get all your queries answered.

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