How to Make a Menstrual Cycle Calendar

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Menstrual cycle calendar plays an important role in keeping a check of your reproductive health. It is extremely simple and easy to make your menstrual cycle calendar. Being a woman, it is always vital to remember the first day of your last periods because this record becomes really helpful when you talk to your doctor about any problem.

It doesn’t take much of your time to record necessary information in your menstrual cycle calendar so that your calendar remains up-to-date. Following are given some simple steps as how you can make your menstrual cycle calendar easily.

Required Items

  • A calendar
  • Red marker or pen


  • The first thing you need to do is to settle on a point that which way you will mark your menstrual period on calendar. Majority of the women use circles on the first and last days of their periods on the calendar. It is better to use red marker to mark the days of your period on the calendar. This will help you spot the days easily.
  • You have to mention the flow of your menstruation on the calendar during each day of your menstrual period. Here, you need to write ‘H’ for heavy; ‘M’ for medium or moderate and ‘L’ for light. Always use red marker to mention the flow. For extra heavy or light flow, simply write ‘X’ against the other letter.
  • Other things which you need to mention on your menstrual cycle calendar include the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, how you feel, types of symptoms you experience during a whole day, do you have any mood swings, do have headache, and Are you feeling bloated or retaining water etc. All these things you need to mention against each day on the menstrual cycle calendar during your menstrual cycle. All these details become handy for your doctor in case you experience any problem.

Points to Remember

  • As you know that you need to mention plenty of things on your calendar you need to create a calendar with large square boxes against each day to cover all this information.
  • Either make your calendar today or make it right before the first day of next menstrual cycle.

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