Menstrual Cycle Length

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Generally, the length of menstrual cycle is not a constant phenomenon as it varies from cycle to cycle and from woman to woman.

The average normal length of a cycle falls between 28 to 32 days. However, the length of the cycle may b shorter or longer in some cases. For instance, some women experience a length of 22 days while others experience 35 days of length.

Creating a basal body temperature (BBT) chart is a good way to calculate the average menstrual cycle length and also pinpointing the possible ovulating time. The other areas in which this chart becomes handy is to monitor symptoms, mood swings and other changes that occur during the menstrual cycle.

This might be interesting for many of you that the length of menstrual cycle closely associates to the lunar cycle. Generally speaking, whenever we talk about the menstrual cycle as the monthly thing, it doesn’t necessarily relate to the Gregorian calendar rather seems likely to be related to the lunar cycle.

As we all know that a moon cycle comprises of exactly 29 days with around 13 cycles a year and covering 364 days in total. The female menstrual cycle follows almost the same practice as well with average length of around 28 days.

In past, some cultures closely linked the moon with female’s menstruation process. Moreover, ‘moon’ was often used to name menstruation of a woman in the terms like ‘Moon Time’, Moon Lodge’ etc.

If you closely look at the different phases of moon, i.e. from new moon to full moon, you will realize that these are too pretty much related to the different phases of the female’s menstrual cycle. Following your menstruation phases with that of the moon would certainly be a great experience for you.

Charts and guides are available that assist you in keeping a track of your menstrual cycle. In addition to these, if you can get a chart with lunar cycle as well, this will help you consider your phases with that of the moon.

Now you have both the charts with you, it is the time to monitor both the changes occurs in your body as well as phase of your menstrual cycle with that of the moon position and its phase. You will notice some strange connection of yours with your own body and with the moon.

Menstrual cycle is not a curse, being a woman you have to accept it as a natural cycle. Instead of taking it as a painful experience, take it as a time of reflection and power and also a time of creativity and connection. As a woman, you have to live with it and that is all.


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