Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

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The process by which the female’s body prepares for pregnancy each month is known as menstrual cycle or a period. This is certainly not an easy time for any woman. A lot of hormonal activities are involved that cause severe fluctuation in the hormone levels, eventually result in several physical and emotional symptoms.


Bleeding from the vagina is the most frequent symptom of menstrual cycle. The discharged substance is in fact a mixture of uterine lining and blood.


The other common symptom of menstrual cycle is cramps. Cramps are normally caused due to the prostaglandins, the chemicals released by the body so as to ensure the smooth uterine muscles contract. These cramps disappear in few days.


Bloating is another common symptom experienced by females during menstrual cycle which actually refers to the swelling of abdomen and the extremities because of water retention.

Food Cravings

There are many women who during and just before the menstrual cycle feel an increased appetites and food carvings such as salty or sugary foods, chocolate etc.

Mood Swings

Another major symptom that females normally experienced during the menstrual cycles is mood swings. Mood swings can range from depressed and crying jags to irritable and angry outbursts.


The more severe menstrual symptoms experienced by females in the form of premenstrual syndrome or PMS which occur just about a week prior to menstrual. The major symptoms of PMS are backaches, constipation or diarrhea, confusion, clumsiness and difficulty concentrating.

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