Mood Swings During Menstrual Cycle

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Most women experience mood swings during their menstrual cycles. They can become a big problem because often women can’t control the rising emotions during this time and can get a bit hyperactive or completely down. Changes in a woman’s temper during her period can be very unpredictable and can impact the entire household; not the woman alone. It is therefore considered important that women understand the causes of their mood swings. It can help them counter the mood swings with more success. Here’s your guide to identifying and countering your mood swings during one of your periods.

Understanding them

Menstrual cycle changes and mood swings are a psychological disorder generally defined as “rapidly changing, unpredictable moods”. This indicates the fact that a woman, during her period, can experience fluctuations in mood that may leave the whole family bewildered. It often becomes impossible for the woman to figure out reasons and explanations for her sad or angry mood. It is therefore important to understand that you can go through a phase like this during your period and you must know how to blame the mood swings on it.

Causes for changes and mood swings

The causes for changes in the menstrual cycle and the mood swings that result from any such change are many. They have been divided into two groups: psychological and physical. The consensus is that changes in a woman’s mood during her periods can be blamed almost entirely on physical reasons. Below are explanations of both types of causes:

Psychological causes:

These are further divided into two areas. Maniac disorders, that are extremely uncommon, form one group while the other, bigger one is life stresses. The first can be caused by hereditary diseases; chemical imbalances that run in the family. The second group is related to daily stress, overdoing things and fatigue, which can cause emotional instability. However, these hardly ever contribute towards mood swings during menstrual cycles.

Physical causes:

Hormones that are made by a woman’s body during the whole of the menstrual cycle have an effect on the mental state of the woman as well. The variation in their levels can trigger mood swings in the woman. Menstrual cycle changes can cause fluctuations in serotonin levels. Serotonin is the hormone that manipulates the mood and sense of humor in women. If its level increases due to any change in the menstrual cycle, the woman will see uplift in their mood. On the contrary, if the level drops, the mood is likely to worsen.

Imbalanced hormone levels are in fact the leading cause for fluctuations in the mood. However, there are a lot of treatments available to counter the effects that imbalanced hormones will otherwise have on the mood. There are three approaches that can help tackle the issue of undue mood swings:

  • Changes in one’s lifestyle.
  • Alternative approaches.
  • Drugs and surgery.

Try the least risky approach first and don’t move on until it becomes absolutely necessary as surgery or medication is not advisable.

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