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40 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! If everything goes well, you are now at the end of the pregnancy and the baby will be out literally any second now (if the baby isn’t out yet). It is a very fulfilling end to a very exciting 9-month period. Good news awaits you! How’s the baby coming on? Development in the baby […]

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39 Weeks Pregnant

Make sure everyone is ready to welcome a new member into the family. Prepare the baby garments you should have purchased (or knitted) months ago and make sure they’re clean and newly-washed. The crib, baby comforter, baby blanket and all the other accessories should now be ready for the coming of the little tyke. How’s […]

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38 Weeks Pregnant

Delivery room By now, all the other details relating to the birth of the baby should have been ironed out. For example, who will join the mother inside the delivery room? Who will take care of the other children (if any) and who will house-sit (if there’s no one else staying in the house) during […]

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37 Weeks Pregnant

Term pregnancy: Completion Yours is now what is called a term pregnancy. This means that once the mother begins labor, there will be nothing done to try to stop it (unlike in the previous weeks). In other words, you have completed the full 9 months that are required to fully develop an offspring in humans. […]

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36 Weeks Pregnant

By now, you should be going to the doctor every week so that he or she can check how soon the baby will be born. Remember to always bring the hospital bag you prepared everywhere you go so that you’ll always be ready to check in for labor, which could be anytime now. Remember, you need to […]

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35 Weeks Pregnant

You are now approaching the end of this stressful, tiring and yet fulfilling phase of your lives, and looking at the beginning of another demanding and exhausting period – raising a newly born baby. You are bound to miss being carefree, and things like going to spontaneous dates, spending hours shopping etc, but you’ll definitely […]

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34 Weeks Pregnant

Relieve the fears of labor Reading up To reduce some of the common fears for first-time mothers, make sure you read up on what to expect during labor. Labor is basically composed of three stages: The first stage is when contractions open the cervix. The second stage is when you finally push the baby out. The final […]

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33 Weeks Pregnant

Have you finished all the preparations necessary for the childbirth? If not, this is a great time to list down all the things you need to do before your baby’s delivery. These may include mentally preparing yourself for child birth, getting the things you might want to take to the hospital compiled and within close reach so you […]

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32 Weeks Pregnant

Lungs and immune system Your baby may be coming out any time now, although it would be premature. The good news is that thanks to your baby’s developed lungs and immune system, your baby will again have a 90% chance of survival if born this week. How’s the baby coming on? Development in the baby […]

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31 Weeks Pregnant

Deciding on a name? Decided yet what you’re going to name your baby? It’s easier of course if you already know whether your new family member is to be a boy or a girl. However if, due to reasons stated earlier, you are not aware, try considering names for both boys and girls. List the […]

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